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Chinese Birds 2010, 1(3) 204-210 DOI:   10.5122/cbirds.2010.0014  ISSN: 1674-7674 CN: 11-5870/Q

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Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor)
Hainan Island
Xin LU*
Dianhua KE
Xiaoyan MA
Guohong GONG
Tonglei YU
Article by Xin LU*
Article by Dianhua KE
Article by Xiaoyan MA
Article by Guohong GONG
Article by Tonglei YU

Species abundance and conservation of coastal wintering waterbirds in Hainan Island, China

Guogang ZHANG 1, Wei LIANG 2,*, Dongping LIU 1, Fawen QIAN 1, Yunqiu HOU 1, Wenba SU 3, Kilburn MIKE

1 Research Institute of Forest Ecology and Environment Protection, Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of the State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China
2 College of Life Sciences, Hainan Normal University, Haikou 571158, China
3 Forestry Department of Hainan Province, Haikou 570203, China
4 Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong, China
5 Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, N. T., Hong Kong, China


Wintering waterbirds surveys were conducted throughout the coastal areas of Hainan, China, from 2003 to 2005, with the aim of further strengthening the conservation and management of wetlands in Hainan Island. A total of 68 species were recorded at 20 coastal wetlands. Three recently found wintering sites for the globally endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor), i.e. Houshui Bay of Lingao, Beili Bay of Dongfang Counties and Sanya River in Sanya City were then extensively monitored during a period of 2003–2009. The largest number of birds were egrets and herons, followed by shorebirds, gulls and terns. On average, the total number of species and individuals at sites with mangrove forests were significantly greater than those of sites without mangrove forests. Some sites, important for conservation, were identified, such as Bopu Bay, Huanglonggang, Houshui Bay, Yangpugang, Beili Bay, Yinggehai, Sanya River, Qinlangang and Dongzhaigang. Thus, human disturbance at these important sites should be avoided.

Keywords Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor)   waterbirds   Hainan Island  
Received 2009-12-11 Revised 2010-07-01 Online:  
DOI: 10.5122/cbirds.2010.0014
Corresponding Authors: Wei LIANG
About author:

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